Sikorsky sees the demand for Helicopters will Increase in Asia Pacific

Thai Aviation Services Sikorsky S-76D and S-92

Thai Aviation Services Sikorsky S-76D and S-92

Singapore, 1 May 2017 – Recently met Christophe Nurit, Sikorsky’s regional sales executive, Asia who told us that despite the depress of oil and gas industry in the past two years, Sikorsky was quite successful and fortunate enough to have Thai Aviation Services to be their lead customers for oil and gas industry in the region. Thai Aviation Services selected Sikorsky S-92 and S-76D last year to replace its fleets which is one of the largest transaction in oil and gas segment of 2016.

For the rest of region the region, Sikorsky sees the demand is pretty flat, aircraft available in the market is still over capacity of usage. But the company also see more interest in its S-92 and S-76D which increasing of 20 per cent more flight hours of S-92 operation in 2016. This demand increase might take about a year and a half to go back to the level of the industry demand used to be two years ago.

Sikorsky also see increasing demand on search and rescue, maritime security and border patrol usage of it S-76D and S-92. In the past few years, the company has delivered 11 S-76D’s to Japan Coast Guard and 8 S-76D’s to China’s Ministry of Transport for those operation. In the past four yours Sikorsky delivered about 38 S-76’s to Asia Pacific.

The company also promotes its product in other segments. Customers can use the helicopters versatility to serve VIP transport or emergency medical services apart from search and rescue or law enforcement operations by using the same platform.

Sikorsky will strengthen customer support and services. The company announced plans to expand its S-92 and S-76 helicopter support services in the Asia-Pacific region. Thai Aviation Services is scheduled to become the first Sikorsky Customer Support Center in Thailand by the end of 2017. During Rotorcraft Asia 2017 which was held in Singapore on 18-20 April. This is the seventh service center in Asia Pacific. The other six service centers are located in Australia, Japan (2 centers), South Korea, India and Malaysia.

“This decision further exemplifies Sikorsky’s commitment to the Asia-Pacific region and to our continued focus on customer support excellence,” said Christophe Nurit “As the preferred service center in Thailand, Thai Aviation Services will provide a critical role in offering the highest level of support for Sikorsky helicopters in a strategically important region.”

“Thai Aviation Services has a long-standing partnership with Sikorsky over the past 25 years. We look forward to expanding this partnership through the designation as a Customer Support Center and putting our extensive experience operating Sikorsky aircraft to use for the benefit of supporting all Sikorsky aircraft operating in the Asia Pacific region,” said Craig Havas, Thai Aviation Services Deputy Managing Director – Operations, and S-92 Chief Pilot.

Customer Support Centers enable quick access to Sikorsky logistics and spare parts inventory for operators while providing advanced service capabilities. This support center will represent Sikorsky’s seventh in the Asia-Pacific region and add to the growing network of 20 Sikorsky support centers world-wide.

In addition to authorized support centers, Sikorsky’s customer support organization maintains four forward stocking locations in S-92 and S-76 fleet-concentrated regions and fields more than 100 customer service representatives, all connected through Sikorsky’s state-of-the-art Customer Care Center in Trumbull, Connecticut.

Sikorsky and Thai Aviation Services have done business together for more than 25 years. Thai Aviation Services operates only Sikorsky helicopters and recently renewed its existing fleet of commercial helicopters with five S-76D medium lift and two S-92 heavy lift aircraft. These aircraft enable the Bangkok-based operator to continue its track record of providing safe, reliable helicopter transportation to oil and gas customers in the Gulf of Thailand.

Sikorsky joined Rotorcraft Asia 2017, the inaugural trade event dedicated for civil helicopters in Asia Pacific. Mr Nurit said that “We’re very happy to be the founding member of Rotorcraft Asia. This is the first one but we know we are dealing with professionals. We are fortunate to be selected by Rotorcraft Asia to represent the industry as a founding member”

Christophe Nurit, Sikorsky’s regional sales executive, Asia

Christophe Nurit, Sikorsky’s regional sales executive, Asia